Baron Venus offers functional yet poetic children’s tableware pieces designed to present food in a beautiful and respectful manner. 


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Birth of Baron Venus

Baron Venus is a contemporary homeware brand born out of Istanbul, – a city legendarily  renowned for its mystical markets of honey, almonds, walnuts, olives and spices as well as precious items like gold, silver, silk and linens. 

Soon after her first child was born, Baron’s mother found herself designing for her changed needs. She started making duvets, linens, toys and other bits and pieces when she couldn’t find the versions she liked. 

With boundless help from the father of Baron & Venus, she started sowing the seeds of a homeware collection to be made with love and destined to one day become souvenirs from the past. 

When Baron started eating, she was introduced to the most sensual and entertaining playtime of their home – the mealtimes. They cooked together, dined together. They shared stories and enjoyed their meals together. And this is how a collection of tableware essentials tailored for what she calls ‘First Supper’ was born.

Baron Venus became a family brand in a constant search of creating outside the ordinary. The brand’s mission is to make our world with children more vivid, more meaningful and more beautiful.

Baron, Venus, Steve and Dila, all hope that you will like their collection pieces as much as they enjoyed creating them. They hope that each piece brings love, joy and a touch of magic to many hearts.

First Supper

Mealtimes become very special for the whole family when children start helping with the ‘real’ kitchen. Cooking together with the family as part of their daily routine help children build healthy habits. Through sharing meals and table manners they not only understand social relations but also improve their relationship to food.

Setting the table with care and making it look beautiful can be very meaningful for children as delicious good food presented in a beautiful setting invites the child to eat. This allows them to respect the great labour, love and passion brought to the table by Mother Earth, Father Sun, the Cosmos and those who gather, grow and cook the food we eat. 

Foods that are rich with nutrients as well as an array of colours, textures, forms and scents not only nurture the body but also nourish the soul. With this in mind, Baron Venus offers functional yet poetic pieces designed to present food in a beautiful and respectful manner for family tables full of conversations, stories and laughter.

Fine Essentials

Children are naturally good at mimicking adults in quest of ‘real experiences’. As such, it’s important that objects that create sensorial experiences for our children must be made of ‘real’ materials, enhancing such ‘real’ experiences. Using ‘real’ glasses and crockery shows children that they are trusted and teaches them gentleness and care.  

Baron Venus believes that high-quality beautiful objects made with love should continue to be part of our lives as parents in celebration of our new and exciting world enriched by our children.

The dining essentials made of ‘real materials’ are developed in London to be suitable for children. They are manufactured in Europe’s historically reputable, family-run production houses by highly skilled artisans in boutique batches. They are incredibly chic, durable and timeless.

They won’t manipulate the taste of food. They are not over-equipped with unnecessary functions or decorated with cartoon characters. They are certainly not unbreakable. They naturally introduce table manners and quality at an early age. 

They are simply good tableware pieces for those who would like to encourage our children to ‘Taste the World’. 

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